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Our Story

At Sol Oaxaca, our name embodies more than words. It embodies our relentless passion, tireless effort, and deep commitment to showcasing the rich culinary heritage of Oaxaca. The word “Sol,” meaning sun, holds deeper significance as a symbol of life itself. It represents warmth, light, and happiness for all those around it.

Oaxaca is famously known as Mexico’s gastronomic capital, offering some of the world’s finest cuisine. It’s also the birthplace of Mezcal, a traditional, artisanal spirit that holds a special place in Oaxaca’s cultural identity. Mezcal is consumed during celebrations and used in rituals, with a reputation for its healing properties. Our goal is to bring the essence of Oaxaca to life through our food and drink offerings, allowing our customers to experience the richness of this incredible region.

Only the Best

Master chef | beverage director

At Sol Oaxaca, our Executive Chef, Jesus Velazques, or “Chucho”, brings his wealth of experience and cultural heritage to the kitchen. Chucho grew up in Puebla, Mexico, but honed his cooking skills in the bustling restaurants of New York City. His recipes have been passed down through generations and his passion for traditional Mexican cuisine shines through in every dish.

Our Beverage Director, Julia Merkotan, brings a unique perspective and expertise to our bar program. Her journey in the restaurant industry started behind the bar, working with Reynaldo and discovering her passion for spirits and mixology. Over the years, she has honed her craft and become one of Baltimore’s most renowned bartenders, known for her creative and innovative cocktails. At Sol Oaxaca, Julia continues to push the boundaries and bring a new level of sophistication to our cocktail menu.