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Sol Oaxaca

Our story

Sol Oaxaca is a passion project brought to life by two close friends, Reynaldo Villatoro and Tom Doxanas. Reynaldo's years of experience in the restaurant industry, coupled with his love for Mexican cuisine, has been a driving force behind the creation of Sol Oaxaca. He has worked his way up from dishwashing to managing a successful restaurant franchise and has long had a dream of opening his own restaurant.

On the other hand, Tom has a family history in the industry, with his uncle and grandfather having founded and run the renowned Bel Loc Diner. With their shared vision and the support of their friends and family, Reynaldo and Tom came together to bring Sol Oaxaca to life.


At Sol Oaxaca, our Executive Chef, Jesus Velazques, or "Chucho", brings his wealth of experience and cultural heritage to the kitchen. Chucho grew up in Puebla, Mexico, but honed his cooking skills in the bustling restaurants of New York City. His recipes have been passed down through generations and his passion for traditional Mexican cuisine shines through in every dish.

Julia is one of the founding members of Sol Oaxaca. She has over 10 years of hospitality experience which makes her an excellent asset to our Team. She brings a fresh and interesting ideas, being in charge of our Social Media and Marketing as well as organizing and leading events like Guacamole Classes to Tequila Dinner. Julia is very passionate about Mexican food and spirits and always happy to share her knowledge with others.