Our Story

Sol Oaxaca is a passion project brought to life by two close friends, Reynaldo Villatoro and Tom Doxanas. Reynaldo’s years of experience in the restaurant industry, coupled with his love for Mexican cuisine, has been a driving force behind the creation of Sol Oaxaca. He has worked his way up from dishwashing to managing a successful restaurant franchise and has long had a dream of opening his own restaurant.

On the other hand, Tom has a family history in the industry, with his uncle and grandfather having founded and run the renowned Bel Loc Diner. With their shared vision and the support of their friends and family, Reynaldo and Tom came together to bring Sol Oaxaca to life.

Only the Best

Master chef | beverage director

Jesus Velazques or “Chucho” is the Executive Chef at Sol Oaxaca.  While Chucho spent most of his life working restaurants in New York City, his cooking background comes from Puebla Mexico.  Chucho’s recipes have been passed down through generations and that heritage is evident in every dish. The tradition and passion shine through in every bite.

Sol Oaxaca’s Beverage Director Julia Merkotan started her career in the restaurant industry after working behind the bar with Reynaldo.  Julia learned from him, and a passion was born for spirits and implementing unique ingredients and mixology techniques.  Julia perfected her craft over the years, becoming one of Baltimore’s best bartenders renowned for her creative and innovative cocktails.